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ROES Desktop is the Industry Standard for the Professional Photo Lab industry. Now with ROES Web, ROES Galleries, ROES API and the ROES Server, we have it all.

Web & Galleries

BRAND NEW Web ordering system and online gallery system for labs to offer to their consumer or pro customers. Extend your ability to accept orders directly with these two systems. And best of all....NO % of Sale Commissions!


Unlimited use of the ROES Client with lab’s company branding. Simple, Powerful and Elegant users interface. Lab controls the products, options, pricing and user experience.


The Open ROES Bridge is an internet based service that allows a third party to produce a ROES order file and send it to one or many of our 200+ labs worldwide.

Lab Server

The ROES Server is the only production system you need to receive, manage and produce your ROES orders. The ROES Server is included for free with your ROES Web, Desktop or Mobile system.

Why is ROES different from others?

We provide the tech and tools, you provide the products and output.


With 200+ Pro Labs worldwide, ROES can handle labs from 100 Million to 150 Thousand in sales per year. No lab is too large or too small.


You have found a market for your photo products. Let us provide you the tools. ROES provides a complete system, from Ordering to Lab Production.


ROES enables you to control your own products, services and pricing. Dynamic catalog updates ensures your latest products are available to order.


Provide a Lab Branded ordering portal to your customers. They are not our customers, they are your customers. ROES is the software division of our company.

"ROES Web solves the issue we faced in finding an online solution that offers the functionality and simplicity, we needed, but also at a price that made sense!" - LOKTAH


* NO % Commissions on Sales. * NO Download of App to Order. * NO Upload of Images Before Ordering. * NO Need for dp2 or other production systems. * As a Lab, You Control Your Own Catalogs of Products and Even Modify the CSS at the Lab.

ROES Web is SoftWorks Systems latest web browser-based ordering application. ROES Web is a full featured app that runs in a single webpage. It has many of the same features of the ROES Desktop Client without the need of a customer download. SoftWorks Systems provides the majority of the server requirements greatly reducing the effort and infrastructure required to bring ROES Web online. ROES Web uses the same catalog creation process (Template Tool), enabling the lab to create, modify, update their catalog of products, services and pricing without the need to contact the software vendor (Us). Total Control = Quicker New Product Creation = More Revenue for the lab (You).

Watch the videos below and/or take a test drive on our demo ROES Web site: ROES Web

Videos of ROES Web

The force is strong with this one


Simple Order


Packages and Image Spans


Custom Print Sizes

"ROES Galleries provides all labs, regardless of size, the ability to provide an online gallery orderings system for their photographers!"

ROES Galleries

* NO % Commissions on Sales. * Orders are sent directly to your ROES Lab. * Photographer can allow consumer to add their own images to the gallery for ordering. * NO Need for dp2 or other production systems. * Photographer can offer Advanced products for ordering, not just basic print sizes.

ROES Galleries is SoftWorks Systems latest web browser-based ordering system for labs and photographers to make more money. ROES Galleries allows photographers to create as many Price Lists and Public or Private Galleries as needed. Not only can a gallery require a login but individual images within a gallery can require a login as well. This feature enables only one parent to see their child but also always see and order the group images together. SoftWorks Systems provides the majority of the server requirements greatly reducing the effort and infrastructure required to bring ROES Galleries online for our ROES Labs. Don't allow only the largest labs in the world to offer direct order integration for online galleries. ROES Galleries gives ALL the labs the ability to provide a simple to use monthly subscription service directly to your loyal photographers.

Videos of ROES Galleries

Lab Provided Online Gallery System

ROES Galleries


ROES Galleries

How to Create a Gallery

ROES Galleries

Price List Setup

“The flexibility and customization allowed by the ROES Client and Server makes our automated and efficient workflow possible.” - Miller's

ROES Desktop - Portrait & Wedding

Release up to four separate ROES Desktop clients for ordering. Maybe one for Portrait ordering, one for Wedding ordering, one for Sports ordering, one for Corporate ordering. The choice is yours.

At the heart of your customers experience is your branded ROES client. The client is the application that your customers will use to create their orders and send them to your lab. It has been designed to be easy to use so your customers have a great experience placing orders with your lab. The Core ROES Client is a Java-based application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. ROES offers the user the ability to select a lab defined product and precisely define crops and rotations on their images within that product. Add-on modules like the Designer Suite and the Packager Suite provide labs a number of optional tools they can provide to the photographer to create and submit their order to your lab.

Videos of Desktop ROES

The force is strong with this one

Core ROES System

Simple ROES Order

Packager Suite

Just A Few Features

Designer Suite

Just A Few Features

Why force your photographers to buy software to create and send you large volume sports and event jobs?

ROES Desktop - Sports, Schools & Volume

This powerful new tool will allow your customers to automate the Sports, School or other mass ‘Data Sensitive’ order entry process. Events can dramatically reduce the time it takes to enter in large sports and event orders.

With the NEWLY rebuilt Events module many changes were made. Events now exist outside the context of an order and they persist. This allows us to begin developing a workflow to make it easier for your customers to create, manage and most importantly, creates orders from an event. We’ve developed a workflow based on the use of what we call subject cards that help us automate the process of image association. Subject cards are printed sheets of paper with a QR encoded ID or Bar Code encoded ID along with human readable data that links a particular subject to a record in a table. The events module can scan through images and find and decode the subject cards, placing each subject card and any following images not containing a subject card into a group. Events also enables users to create rows and columns with data quickly then associate that data with customer images. Once the table is verified, the powerful Auto Review process can automatically build ROES order with little or no user assistance.

Videos of the Events Module

Sport and Schools Workflow

Events Module


Events Module

Order In Detail

“The features in the ROES Client are only overshadowed by the automation it gives us at the lab with the ROES Server.” - WHCC

ROES Server

The ROES Server comes FREE of charge with the ROES Ordering Platforms and is the only production system you will need to run your lab.

ROES Server 3.0 provides a complete production system for labs using the ROES ordering platforms. Complete with a central database that all workstations are connected and share data. Auto discovery of other workstations makes for an easy setup on your network. Color correction, user accounts and a default database are all included. For advanced labs or workflows, the ROES Server also supports scripts written in over 30+ languages. Scripts are pieces of code that can be added to the server, by the lab, which can interact with the server, its environment and the outside world. The ROES Server can help run labs from the smallest to largest in size. For labs using older productions systems like Noritsu Hot Folders, Fuji PIC Pro, dp2, Frontline, Halse Systems, Xerox DocUSP or other back end systems we have a ROES Server to you as well.

Videos of ROES Server

The ONLY Production System You Will Need

ROES Server


ROES Server

Edit Order Just As Photographer Entered It

Why limit your incoming orders to only ROES Desktop and Mobile? You make the partnerships and ORB will handle the API.

ORB Partners

Web Ordering Sites that would like partner with Pro Labs worldwide has never been easier with the Open ROES Bridge. ROES also has a group of existing Web Partners already built into the ROES ecosystem for additional sales opportunities for our labs.

ROES Bridge (API)

Send Orders to Our Network of Labs Worldwide

The Open ROES Bridge is an internet based service that allows third party vendors to create and post a specified order file format. From that file the ROES ORB Server will create a ROES order file and transfer it to the lab specified in the posted information. The order is received and processed at the lab by the ROES Server just like any other ROES order file.

Want to partner? If you are an online hosting company that needs output partners in different world regions, we can help. If you are an online hosting company that would like to open up your services to all our ROES labs, we can help. If you are a ROES lab that has a partnership in mind, we can help. Code to one spec and benefit from our worldwide network of Pro Labs.

Our mission is to enable lab owners to continue to succeed in this digital printing world in which we live.

About & News

We believe that professional labs provide a valuable service to our industry and to our memories that we cherish and would like to save for decades to come. We believe we can do that by creating end user applications with advanced capabilities and intuitive, refined user interfaces, while at the same time providing advanced automated lab workflow tools to enable the professional lab, retail lab or large chain stores to produce high quality prints.

RUG 2020: Online Classes in April

The best way to learn everything ROES and network with other pro labs.

With everything in the world changing because of the COVID-19 virus, we needed to move RUG to a Virtual RUG Meeting. We will be having online sessions every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in April of 2020. Watch for signup emails coming to your inbox.

We will have more details to come but wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible in order to plan for the April 2020 event. If you are not receiving newsletters / emails from us, please sign up below.

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“The features in the ROES Client are only overshadowed by the automation it gives us at the lab.”

“SoftWorks has it figured out. Provide all the tools to the labs and get out of the way.”

“The ROES Server provides us more power than a production system that costs $30,000+ from the yellow guys.”

“ROES is by far the easiest ordering system for pro photographers on the planet.”

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