December 14, 2007
Apple released a Java update for the OS X 10.4 operating system this morning.  After performing the update desktop or application shortcuts failed to successfully launch the ROES client.  In our testing no error messages were received, just a couple of bounces of the application icon in the dock followed by zero activity.

Have your customers perform the following steps to correct the problem:

1) Using the Finder go to Applications, Utilities, Java and launch Java Web Start.  This should open the Java Application Cache Viewer window.

2) In the Application Cache Viewer window highlight your labs ROES application.  CTRL-Click on it or select the Application pull down from along the top of the screen and select "Remove Desktop Application".

3) CTRL-Click on it or select the Application pull down again and select "Create Desktop Application".  Set the name and location and select OK.

ROES should now be able to launch using the newly created desktop application shortcut.

SoftWorks Systems Team