February 26, 2009    
PMA 2009March 3 - 5, Las Vegas, NV
The SoftWorks Team will be heading to PMA in Las Vegas on Monday, March 2.  The show starts Tuesday, we will be in booth L256/L258 this year.  We will be giving demos of Books in the ROES Client as well as a preview of ROES Galleries (formerly known as Pro-to-Retail).  Please stop by and see us!
ROES User Group (RUG) Meeting 2009 - June 1516, 2009, Rochester, NY
This year's RUG Meeting will be Monday and Tuesday, June 15-16, in Rochester.  The sessions will occur at the Rochester Clarion Hotel.  The Kodak sessions are expected to begin Tuesday afternoon at the Rochester Hyatt, so if you are attending that event we recommend booking rooms at the Hyatt for all nights needed.  The Clarion and the Hyatt are attached via skyway.  Additional information on subject matter and sessions will be sent as we get closer to the event.   
Books  Update 
Books Client Version:
We have a new client release available that has books usage available in both ROES Pro and ROES Retail.  If you would like to have us change your client live or test launches to use this new version, please let us know via e-mail and we will let you know it has been done so you can test or offer books in ROES.  New updates for books:
Covers/new attribute coversectionInstead of 2 cover sections, there will be just one to allow for pano cover display (already designed books will still work).  This will require moving all desired cover templates into one section and adding a new attribute of coversection set to true, with itemcountminimum and maximum set to 2.  On other sections, coversection will be assumed to be false (so you only need to add the attribute if it needs to be true).  Since this is being changed, the attribute of displaywidth will no longer be needed/used.  2 section books such as bookmarks will always show either just the front or just the back, however.
Use of attribute initialtemplates: In books, you can use the initialtemplates attribute set to a comma separated list of template u_id's to automatically insert layouts into a section's opposing pages, such as default templates for front and back covers.  In other sections, like inside covers, a page with a layoutimage that shows the user a page/the pages should be left blank can be utilized.  You can use just a single template u_id twice, just separated by commas, so to fill opposing pages at the beginning it could be -7fd7,-7fd7 in the initialtemplates value.
New attribute pagelabelAnother new attribute, pagelabel, is available to use on sections - on a bookmark, for instance, you would set the front section to pagelabel Front and the back to Back.  You would use this on a section designated as coversection true, setting pagelabel to Cover, so the user would see that and then numbers for the actual pages inside.  Also if you wanted to put a blank page at the beginning of the book, where a book would have a blank inside of the cover and then a front/back page also blank, you could have a section with itemcountminimum/itemcountmaximum set to 3 and pagelabel set to 'These Pages Blank' to inform the user they cannot use them. 
section labels - may need to use tabs and repeat label text for sections with large number of page options to choose from in scrolling bar area at top
Client Usage
Upon opening a book, the available templates for use on the front cover will be shown above the cover area.  Click and drag the desired template down to the cover area.  At that point you can add images and/or text to the page.  After clicking the right arrow to open the book, the templates selection area above will change to display designs available for that section of the book.  Once again, click and drag the desired templates to be presented as a single page (like for an inside or back cover), or as opposing pages facing each other.  A template must be selected and dropped into the book page before that page can have images added to it.
Below are instructions for creating the 2 common types of books.  A sample templates file with books build examples in it can be pulled from www.softworksroes.com/ROES/SARDemo/SASTemplates.zip.  A sample templates file with book styles of each can be found at www.softworksroes.com/ROES/labs/SARDemo/.
To set up a Bookmark (2 section book w/o coversection use and itemcounts set to 1 min/max in each section):
Click Add and select Templatelabel it as desired (Bookmark 1 for this example), and then set the bounds to 28. 
Click Add Attribute, select containertype and set to book
Click Add and select Template, label it as Front Cover
Click Add Attribute and add the following: containertype set to section; pagelabel set to Front; itemcountminimum set to 1, itemcountmaximum set to 1, set bounds to 28
Add templates off Front Cover, set clearonaddtoorder to true, add pagereditable true if desired on each
Click on the parent Book template, click Add and select Template, label it as Back Cover
Click Add Attribute and add the following: containertype set to section; pagelabel set to Back; itemcountminimum set to 1, itemcountmaximum set to 1, set bounds to 28
Add templates off Back Cover, set clearonaddtoorder to true, add pagereditable true if desired on each
To set up a simple book with coversection:
Click Add and select Templatelabel it as desired (10x10 Book for this example), and then set the bounds to 10 x 10. 
Click Add Attribute, select containertype and set to book
Click Add and select Template, label it as Covers
Click Add Attribute and add the following: containertype set to section; coversection set to true; itemcountminimum set to 2, itemcountmaximum set to 2, set bounds to 10 x 10
Add templates off Covers for both front and back template choices, set clearonaddtoorder to true, add pagereditable true if desired on each
Click Add and select Template, label it as Pages
Click Add Attribute and add the following: containertype set to section; displaywidth set to 2; itemcountminimum set to 4, itemcountmaximum set to 20, set bounds to 10 x 10
Add templates off Pages, set clearonaddtoorder to true, add pagereditable true if desired on each
It is recommended to always have a blank Pager editable template in each section, so that studios who wish to design their own can do so - either using Pager or using something they create in Photoshop, etc. 
Books via Color Centric
The Color Centric integration is complete via the ROES Servers.  New ROES DP2 Server version 1.036 can be downloaded using  http://www.softworksroes.com/SWROESServerSetup(v1.0.36).zip.  The ROES Stand Alone Server can be updated to a new version that can render books from ROES and feed/send orders to Color Centric.  Please contact Kirk Arends at karends@softworkssystems.com to begin setting up your Color Centric integration.
Template Tool Update
The new Template Tool has been deployed for use.  Changes and new features/functions:
New Save on Exit function:  The Template Tool will detect if the current file has been edited and prompt for saving if the application exit begins.
Smart Attribute Lookup:  If you begin typing in the Add Attribute text field the attributes matching the letters typed will become the focus of the list displayed.
Recent Common Startup Errors - Support Notes:
Client Launch Issues Since December:
Java 6 update 11 - We have seen a number of ongoing issues with client launches due to Java updates to 1.6 update 11.  While many customers and our team here are not seeing any problems, it may be best for those who experience this issue to roll back to Java 1.6 update 7 (http://java.sun.com/products/archive/j2se/6u7/index.html).  The startup issues we have seen are primarily shortcut related on Vista.  Before removing update 11 and reloading update 7, it is recommended to clear the Temporary Internet Files from Java Control Panel, as follows: 1) Open Windows Control Panel; 2) Click Settings... in Temporary Internet Files at the bottom of the General tab; 3) Click Delete Files...4) Click OK at the prompt to remove all applets and applications, etc.5) Click OK to exit out of Java Control Panel; 6) Start ROES from the lab web site link. 
JNLP File Not Recognized On Vista - In several instances, the launch.jnlp that is being downloaded by Internet Explorer or Firefox does not seem to have a program associated with it.  In Windows Control Panel, Default Programs, .jnlp is not shown in the list presented when Associate a program with a file type is chosen in the choices for Default Programs.  To fix, download the launch.jnlp to the desktop, right-click on it and choose Properties.  In the dialog, click Change and then Browse to Java and JRE6, then bin, choose javaws.exe and click Open.  The Open With dialog should then show Java (TM) Web Start Launcher, click OK and then OK to close the Properties dialog.  Double-click on the launch.jnlp and the program will start, from then on the desktop icon should work.
Mac Users Alert:  Beware Mac Cleanse!
Mac users who experience startup issues with an error whose Details lists "unable to load resource: localhost/users/'user'/Library/Caches/Java/cache/javaws/http/...../AMlaunch.jnlp" may have a program called Mac Cleanse being run manually that is deleting the Java cached files for use in future launches.  This is a small utility to clean up browsing histories, etc. that deletes the needed folder path for re-launching the program.  We have run into this a few times and fixed the users remotely by rebuilding the path listed in the error manually (in Finder) and ensuring the needed file is found (using the downloaded launch.jnlp and renaming it AMlaunch.jnlp, placing it in the path listed, and double-clicking on it to start ROES). 
Support Reminders:
Web Site/Videos Update! 
Our Support area has updated FAQ pages and the videos page has a new Pager video, the Records video and usage videos for the Pro and Retail Clients.  Additional videos for books mode will be added soon.  The main Support page now has links at the bottom for the most common issues with fixes for them.  The News/Press area also has all of our update messages for your review. 
Corrupt Saved Incomplete Orders
We have found that some corrupt messages received when opening a saved incomplete order to be caused by the lack of a “label” attribute on an option.  Even when using the “icon” attribute to represent an option graphically the “label” attribute still needs to be present, not deleted.  A saved incomplete order utilizing an option that does not have a “label” attribute can result in a corrupt message when it is loaded. 
Java Notes
Many new systems with Vista are coming with an OEM version of Java 1.6 pre-installed.  This version is highly unreliable and we strongly recommend removing it and loading Java 1.6 Update 6 from Sun's site at http://java.com/download/en/manual.jspAs Java 1.6 has become more prevalent in Windows systems, please be advised that there are new ways to access the application cache viewer: 1) Via Windows Control Panel, select Java Control Panel and then View.. at the lower right of the General tab; 2) Select Start - Run, type in javaws -viewer and press Enter/Click OK MAC OS X 10.4 still uses Java 1.5 or 1.4.2, the next release of OS X will contain Java 1.6.
Default Java Version in ROES
All ROES launches default to using Java 1.4 as a minimum installed version and will look to load 1.4.2 if no Java is found in Windows.  We can offer the ability to default to using Java 1.5 as a minimum with a Java 1.6 install.  This will allow for better installs on Vista and use the latest technology, with one major caveat:  OS X 10.3.x users will not be able to run from the default launch.  If you would like to move to Java 1.6 for the default install, we can simply supply an alternate launch file for 10.3 Mac users, since that version only went up to Java 1.4 installed.  Both 10.4 and 10.5 have J2SE 5.0 installed.
Mac OS 10.5 Leopard Issues 
The Leopard OS has caused a number of issues regarding ROES startup (none in actual use of ROES).  As mentioned in the Nov. 1 message, in most cases starting from the Java Web Start application viewer has worked fine.  However, we have seen cases where the Java Web Start.app is not even found or fails to start properly, causing a MAC system error report to generate.  In these cases it is best to have the customer re-install the MAC OS upgrade and run Software Update immediately after to get everything up to date.  For anyone still seeing startup issues from the desktop icons, be sure to try using Java Web Start.app (open Finder and go to Applications - Utilities - Java) and look under User, not System, for the entries.
If the same major error continues to repeat after reloading the Leopard upgrade, such as a EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE, then what has worked as a last resort is to create a new user on the system, logging in as that new user and launching ROES from your web site link.
Mac OS X Error 'Failed to validate certificate'
The 'Failed to validate certificate' error has shown up on 10.5.  Research has shown these to be occurring on systems upgraded from 10.4.  In some instances early on, going into Java Security  and Certificates and trusting the SoftWorks certificate fixed the issue.  Lately, however, this error seems to be Java update related, particularly on the Core 2 Duo systems that recently got Java 1.6 into Leopard via Software Update.  Using an alternate launch file has resolved this, in which we specify Java 1.5 as a minimum instead of the Java 1.4 default we have been using.
New .RO File Format 
The new .ro ROES Order File format is in use and both ROES Servers, Stand Alone and DP2 v1.035, can process these.  The .ro format eliminates the 4GB order file limit imposed by using .zip files.  If you would like to start using this for your incoming orders, please let us know to make the change in your ROES Client (and be sure to be on one of the newer server versions).  There is a new Sealer/Decryptor utility, called ROPack, available to unpack these new files.  This Java application can be run via www.softworksroes.com/ROES/ROPack/launch.jnlp.  Please use this once and set the shortcut to it on your desktop(s).  Note: Once using the .ro files, the Finished Orders will not be just .zip files that you can open and view certain parts, you will need to use the ROPack utility with your order file password (call, IM or e-mail if needed) to expand the .ro to a folder you can browse through. 
ROES Servers and E-Mail
As ISP's continue to close off port 25 to ward off spam and hacker attacks, the generic e-mail function in the ROES Server will stop sending, since it defaults to port 25.  In order to use the new port from your ISP, set the port value after a colon at the end of the outgoing server URL or IP address, i.e. smtp.verizon.net:575.  Version 1.035 (also listed as 1.035b) of the ROES DP2 Server and versions of the ROES Stand Alone Server dated later than 10/16/2007 support this.  Please remember that version 1.035 requires Java Run Time installed.
ROES DP2 Server 
Please check your ROES DP2 Server version, you should be on v1.035 or 1.035b now if on DP2 v8 or 9.  The server download can be found at www.softworksroes.com/ROES/Dp2Server/NewServer.zip.  This version now has a fully functional RAW workflow.  Studios must shoot in RAW and JPG formats so that they have the same files of each type (please contact us to set the RAW ability in the ROES Client).  The 1.035 Server version can also send HTML-based email confirmations.  A sample template can be found in www.softworksroes.com/ROES/labs/SARDemo/ReportTemplates.zip.
Updated Attributes/Function: promocode/code/discount - You can now have an Order Option that prompts for a promotional code to be entered in a needs_text line as either a percentage of the order or a whole dollar amount.  The u_id of the option used for entry MUST be promocode and there are 3 attributes needed: needs_text for the user entry, code for the value of the promo code(s) that the text entry must match exactly, and discount for the amount to calculate, i.e. .90 for a 10% discount on the order or -10 for a $10 discount (negative numbers will be looked at as a whole dollar amount to be taken off).  To utilize multiple promotional codes, simply use comma delimited lists in the code and discount fields, where code could have value of 1234,2345,3456 and discount could have value of .9,.75,-20 for 10% off, 25% off and $20 off for the 3 codes respectively.  The number of delimited entries must match between the code and discount fields (5 in each, 10 in each, etc.).
Updated: newlines Attribute
This attribute has been updated to define the number of lines that can be created in a text node using Enter.  It can prevent users from creating multiple text lines where a single line is desired by setting the value to 1 (no changes will be needed, current listings of false will be set to 1).  Adding newlines set to 1 will force just single line entry into the node; coupled with the characterlimit attribute can allow you to control the amount of text each node receives for better rendering.  For taller nodes (on a greeting card, for instance), you can set newlines to 2 or 3 to allow more freedom but still restrict the client from adding too many lines.
New Attribute: rotation - The rotation attribute can be used on a text node to alter the appearance of text in the node, ideally for vertical text representations.  Use 90 and -90 for values to make horizontal text read down or up in the ROES Client.
New Attributefitallowed - The fitallowed attribute can be added on a node and set to false to disable the ability to fit an image instead of cropping.

New Attributeunlockonaddtoorder - The unlockonaddtoorder attribute can be set to true on a node to clear image lock on add to order (i.e. to allow a customer to drop a new image into the background field they have locked to prevent it from being overwritten in a mass drop of images).

Edit Item/Delete Item labels in Review - The Edit and Delete functions in the Review Order window can have labels on them to more formally show their functions.  Please contact us to add these labels.
Dual Rotation Buttons For Rotate Image/Rotate Layout - The dual buttons for rotating in different directions can be added to replace the single button for each, eliminating the need to use the ALT/OPT keys to change directions for rotation of a template or image.  This can be very helpful for better logo insertion, particularly for Fuji PIC Pro.
New Attributes/Shipping Weight Calculation Function: uses and 'weight' 
Using these new attributes, the total of weight values can be used to apply a price based on a tiered format.  Each product and option can be given an attribute of weight with a numeric value as a weight measurement (.5 on a 4x5, 1 on an 8x10, 2 on a 16x20 for instance).  On an Order Option such as shipping, add attribute of uses and list weight as the value.  Then set a tiered price format and add tiertype set to graded, with the break points for each tier being the sum of the weight values added.  For example basic ground shipping might always be 4.50, then a next tier at weight value of 30 is 5.95, and weight value of 100 is 9.95, the shipping option for basic ground would have attribute of uses with weight as its' value and each product and mounting option would have a weight attribute set to a particular value for that item.  The price attribute of ground shipping would be 1,4.50,30,5.95,100,9.95 and keep going up from there.  If you offer free shipping after a certain order size you set the price tier to be 0.00 once it gets over that weight amount.  If you calculate shipping charges based on order price you simply use price as the uses value, and have the tiered pricing reflect the shipping on each order amount (Item options prices count while Image Options do not).
Updated Function: Edit/Sort in Review Order
The ability to double click on the thumbnail of an order item in Review has been restored.  Drag and Drop to re-sort items still works as well, however the drag must start to the right of the order item thumbnail image.
New Attribute: disableu_idonorder
Using this attribute on a product and adding that product to an order you can disable another product or number of products.  Simply list the u_id's of the products to be disabled in the attribute's value and they will be disabled in the Sizes palette and menu upon adding the first product to the order.  This is useful in forcing customers to only order a single proof or print size per order or a single album cover page per order.
New Attribute: clearonaddtoorder
When added to a product, this attribute will clear the image(s) from the item when it is added to the order.
New Attribute: taxable
For use on Order Options, if set to true or false will determine whether or not the option should be subject to sales tax calculations.
New Feature: Local Fonts in Pager 
Pager now offers a new font option!  If activated, Pager will show a Font button using local system fonts at the studio and render these as images, including the ability to shadow the text after selecting one of the available fonts for use.  The node will be transferred back as an image node and rendered in the ROES Stand Alone Server or updated version of the ROES DP2 Server, available at http://www.softworksroes.com/ROES/DP2_Server/SWROESServerSetup(v1.0.35b).zip (this is not a formal server release but will be shortly).  Please contact us to activate the new Pager Font button in your ROES Client.   
Credit Card Authorization in ROES
Customer credit cards can be authorized in ROES prior to order completion and transmission.  We have integrations with several authorizers in use already:  PayFlow Pro (PayPal.com, system formerly owned by Verisign); PayFuse XML (FirstNationalMerchants.com); Authorize.net; GoEMerchant XML (goemerchant.com); and USA ePay (usaepay.com).
Credit Card Window Configurability
The newer credit card window can be configured to alter field names, have an additional field added if needed for extra security codes, and/or remove the shipping address area along with the 'Use billing as shipping' checkbox.
New Attribute: pricemultiplier and priceminimum pricemultiplier can be set on an option with a value of true along with a price attribute whose values can be used to add a percentage to the product it is being applied to (i.e., 1.20 in price to add a 20% increase for printing an item on metallic paper).  This allow you to only alter the prices of the products themselves and not additional options the totalpricemultiplier takes into account, like retouching services, mounting, or sprays.  The priceminimum attribute can be added onto options with pricemultiplier to set a mandatory minimum charge for the selected option and override the percentage calculation if greater.  Using the previous example, this would work as pricemultiplier set to true, price set to 1.20 for a 20% add-on to the product and priceminimum of 1.00 so that it will always add at least $1.00 to the item price if the option is selected and the 20% value is less than 1.00.
New Attribute: hidden - For use on an Option, this can be used to hide an option you have set to mandatory for the purpose of disabling another option.  For example, you offer an option set on an entire group to convert the image color, but one one template in the group you wish for there to be no color options.  On the one item, add an option set with mandatory and hidden attributes set to true on the parent, and disableu_id added on the sub or child option.  Add the u_id of the image color as the value, and when the one item is selected the image color option will be disabled without the new option showing as selected by default.
Drop Shadows of pre-existing nodes - Pager can now add drop shadows to pre-existing image nodes that are part of your templates in addition to Pager-added image nodes.  Please advise if you would like this feature turned on as it is optional.  You should also be running the latest version of the ROES DP2 Server, 1.034, or the newer March 2007 version of the Stand Alone Server, to properly process these. 
Updated Attribute: totalpricemultiplier changes - The totalpricemultiplier attribute is added directly on an overridesadd off an Order Option.  This calculation will now be pre-tax and also can be before any shipping amount, if the u_id of the Shipping option being selected starts with shipping (i.e. u_id's of shipping_usps, shipping_ground, shipping_2ndday, etc.) .
Updated Attribute - needs_text - You can now require an entry in this field by leaving the value in Template Tool blank.  For template & item options, the Add to Order button will be disabled, just like when an image node isn't filled on a product. For an Order Option, the user is blocked with a dialog telling them to fill in some text.
Updated Attribute - needs_file - When an option with needs file is selected, the Client will not allow the order to complete unless a file has been attached to the order.  A dialog box informing the studio that a file is needed will pop up.
New Preference: Remember last folder between launches - This preference (selected by default), if unchecked, will clear the last used thumbnails folder for Presenter, Records, and main client.  This is ideal for large proofing environments.  
Wider pane dividers - The pane dividers in the main client area and Presenter are wider now, allowing easier access to the collapse/expand arrows.
New Credit Card Window Report Macros - The ROES Pro and Retail Clients have a new credit card entry window across the board (for standard card data collection and immediate e-payments), with all fields required.  Selection of the Use Bill To Address for Shipping Address will collapse the shipping address areas, so no entry will be required.
This new window also has new report macros to be used:
rotationallowed Attribute
This attribute can be added on a template and set to false to disable the Rotate Layout button.  
Change to autorotate Attribute
The autorotate attribute in Template Tool, when set to true, will activate the Autorotate button on the pro toolbar.  After being turned on, the button will remain selected until it is manually de-selected or a product with a false flag is chosen. 
addenabled Attribute
Be sure to add the addenabled attribute on multi-image proof sheets (set to true) and informational/advertisement products used as the first template in a group (set to false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to add the item to an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold the ALT or OPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it will prevent the item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at the lab. 
Use tooltips on products 
If you want to be able to convey additional information about a product to studios, try adding an attribute of tooltip to the item and enter text you want them to see pop-up when they mouse over the product in the Sizes palette.  This could be used to add reminders to look at mounting, sprays and other upsell options, to inform customers if an item is Pager editable, or available quantity discounts.
Image Names Can Be Linked Into Text Nodes
You can use Linknodes in a composite product to create a text entry of an image name into a text node upon adding the image to the matching image node.  For example, a 6 up proof sheet starting with node id/u_id of 10000 for the first image node and node id/u_id of 10006 as the first text node you would add Linknodes to the product for each pair of nodes to connect and enter the u_id's as 10000,10006 in the field provided.  If the nodes do not have u_id's, simply highlight all of the nodes in the product, then right-click and select Copy node id to u_id.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned
Attribute with Linknodesstripextension
When used on a text node that has been linked to an image node node via Linknodes, the file name appearing in the image node will be listed without the file extension.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned
Linknodes update: Linking text nodes 
You can use Linknodes to duplicate text entered in one node to another text node(s).  This can be handy for trader cards where a player name, team or year may be entered more than once, especially when displaying the front and back of the card as one item via a DP2 Package.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned.