March 9, 2010
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- New Unlimited Undo
- All buttons moved to top
- Elements sorted alphabetically
- New Unit element
- Faster catalog open/save

 March 2010 ROES Update
Template Tool Release
March 9, 2010
Template Tool Update - March 10, 2010
The updated ROES Template Tool will be released for use on March 10, 2010. 
New features to look for:
  • Unlimited undo and redo ability from the Edit menu
  • Faster catalog loading and saving
  • New Check Links button to verify linked options can function
  • Add, Delete, Retire, Duplicate, and Attribute buttons moved to top menu area
  • Alert u_id groups expanded by default for faster access to correct via New u_id
  • New pane resizing points at top right of Element Tree and Attribute panes
  • Element list off Add button now sorted alphabetically
New Unit Element and Attributes
The latest ROES Client, available for use by request, supports unit pricing, where multiple templates can be assigned the same tiered pricing scheme and allow volume discounts to apply to all products set with a specific unitu_id value.  The Unit element should be added inside a catalog, at the same level as Order Options and Image Options (not inside a template group).  The attributes price, unitu_id and u_id should be present on Unit, with tiertype as an option and set to graded.  On the templates, set attributes unitquantity and unitu_id.  The unitu_id should match the unitu_id for the specific Unit element this template should get pricing from, and the unitquantity should be set to at least 1.  If offering half-units, set the ir value to 1 and the full units to 2, and adjust the price value on the Unit element to be for half-units, which will be doubled for each full unit.

Videos on Support Page
Videos for the updated ROES Template Tool are on the Support page.  This includes a separate video on setting up Units.
ROES User Group (RUG) Meeting Dates
This year's RUG Meeting will be June 14-15, 2010, in Rochester, NY.


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