March  21 , 2007


The SoftWorks Systems' team would like to thank everyone who visited with us at PMA.  Our booth was quite busy again, and as always the feedback we received was very valuable.  We look forward to seeing everyone again at the RUG Meeting in June (details below), as well as next year's PMA, in Las Vegas again beginning Feb. 1, 2008.


Today we have released an updated ROES Client today that adds a number of new attributes and features, detailed below.  We will be releasing an updated ROES DP2 Server in the next few weeks, and a new Stand Alone Server will be deployed Monday that offers a rendered items renaming option and a new Render Direct printer type for Fuji PIC Pro.  Both of these servers will offer new reporting macros for Records and usage of conditional statements inside reports.  The updated User's Guides will be available as well for each server.  The current Template Tool launch has the new attributes listed below in the selection lists as well as the Help - Help window displaying definitions.   



ROES USER GROUP (RUG) Meeting - June 18th and 19th, 2007 - Rochester, NY

This year we will be extending the annual user group meeting into 1 and a 1/2 days, and will be having the sessions ahead of the Kodak ProLab meetings instead of after as in the past.  The RUG will begin approximately  1PM on Monday, June 18th, 2007 at the Rochester Hyatt in Rochester, NY and conclude approximately 4:30PM on Tuesday, June 19th.  Kodak's reception is set for that evening to kick off the ProLab Summit. 


We have secured a set room rate ($107/night) for Sunday and Monday nights at the Hyatt Regency.  You can make hotel reservations 2 ways:


1) Call 1-800-223-1234 and ask for the SOFT rate.  Reservations for the Kodak days will need to be made separately.

2) You can access the Hyatt web site for the rate using this link: 


We will sending out a full session schedule as we draw closer to the event, expected to include: 


Basic Template Tool

Advanced Template Tool

ROES Client Updates

ROES DP2 Server

ROES Stand Alone Server

Records usage and processing

Pager usage

Press/Book Products usage

ROES Retail featuring the new Pro-to-Retail client design interface

Report templates and macros

ROES Future Direction

Feedback sessions 


Please advise via reply who will be attending from your lab at your convenience.  We look forward to seeing you there!


Windows Vista

We have done some Windows Vista testing as some studios will be getting new systems with it pre-installed.  Using Vista Business on a PC with a 3.4GHz processor and 1GB RAM, the default ROES install loaded Java 1.4.2_13 (though warned it would need to drop the interface to Vista Basic) and ran ROES well. I was able to create an order using text, various colors, image tones, and Pager-added nodes. 


Under Java 1.5, the software did encounter issues - Java 1.5 versions should not be used in Vista.


Under Java 1.6, all of ROES seems to run smoothly. Pager and drop shadows, Presenter using Render, and all basic operations worked fine.  Font type changes displayed fine for basic fonts, but Vista does not have a lot of the better script fonts installed (in fact, only 2 were found when I used the upcoming Pager Font Type selection ability, which offers use of every local font). 


For proper Java operation it is recommended that the Java 1.6 be used.  The Vista install for it is at: file://localhost/blocked/http/


New/Updated Client Attributes and Features 



New Attributes/Function : promocode/code/discount - You can now have an Order Option that prompts for a promotional code to be entered in a needs_text line.  The u_id of the option used for entry MUST be promocode and there are 3 attributes needed: needs_text for the user entry, code for the value of the promo code(s) that the text entry must match exactly, and discount for the amount to charge, i.e. .90 for a 10% discount on the order.  To utilize multiple promotional codes, simply use comma delimited lists in the code and discount fields, where code could have value of 1234,2345,3456 and discount could have value of .9,.75,.5 for 10% off, 25% off and 50% off for the 3 codes respectively.  The number of delimited entries must match between the code and discount fields (5 in each, 10 in each, etc.).


New Attribute: pricemultiplier and priceminimum - pricemultiplier can be set on an option with a value of true along with a price attribute whose values can be used to add a percentage to the product it is being applied to (i.e., 1.20 in price to add a 20% increase for printing an item on metallic paper).  This allow you to only alter the prices of the products themselves and not additional options the totalpricemultiplier takes into account, like retouching services, mounting, or sprays.  The priceminimum attribute can be added onto options with pricemultiplier to set a mandatory minimum charge for the selected option and override the percentage calculation if greater.  Using the previous example, this would work as pricemultiplier set to true, price set to 1.20 for a 20% add-on to the product and priceminimum of 1.00 so that it will always add at least $1.00 to the item price if the option is selected and the 20% value is less than 1.00.


New Attribute: hidden - For use on an Option, this can be used to hide an option you have set to mandatory for the purpose of disabling another option.  For example, you offer an option set on an entire group to convert the image color, but one one template in the group you wish for there to be no color options.  On the one item, add an option set with mandatory and hidden attributes set to true on the parent, and disableu_id added on the sub or child option.  Add the u_id of the image color as the value, and when the one item is selected the image color option will be disabled without the new option showing as selected by default.


Drop Shadows of pre-existing nodes - Pager can now add drop shadows to pre-existing image nodes that are part of your templates in addition to Pager-added image nodes.  Please advise if you would like this feature turned on as it is currently optional.  You should also be running the latest version of the ROES DP2 Server, 1.034, or the newer March 2007 version of the Stand Alone Server, to properly process these. 


Updated Attribute: totalpricemultiplier changes - The totalpricemultiplier attribute is added directly on an overridesadd off an Order Option.  This calculation will now be pre-tax and also can be before any shipping amount, if the u_id of the Shipping option being selected starts with shipping (i.e. u_id's of shipping_usps, shipping_ground, shipping_2ndday, etc.) .


Updated Attribute - needs_text - You can now require an entry in this field by leaving the value in Template Tool blank.  For template & item options, the Add to Order button will be disabled, just like when an image node isn't filled on a product. For an Order Option, the user is blocked with a dialog telling them to fill in some text.


Updated Attribute - needs_file -  When an option with needs file is selected, the Client will not allow the order to complete unless a file has been attached to the order.  A dialog box informing the studio that a file is needed will pop up.


New Preference: Remember last folder between launches - This preference (selected by default), if unchecked, will clear the last used thumbnails folder for Presenter, Records, and main client.  This is ideal for large proofing environments.  


Wider pane dividers - The pane dividers in the main client area and Presenter are wider now, allowing easier access to the collapse/expand arrows.


New Credit Card Window Report Macros - The ROES Pro and Retail Clients have a new credit card entry window across the board (for standard card data collection and immediate e-payments), with all fields required.  Selection of the Use Bill To Address for Shipping Address will collapse the shipping address areas, so no entry will be required.


This new window also has new report macros to be used:
















Coming soon: New attributes/functions to disable a product or products when a product or option is selected and ordered (so a catalog could have multiple products/sizes and allow only 1 size to be ordered from it, ideal for albums and proof prints), new text rendering in Pager utilizing fonts from the Client system, and restricting orders by number of images (image minimums).



Reminders/Tips :


rotationallowed Attribute

This attribute can be added on a template and set to false to disable the Rotate Layout button.  


Attribute  with Linknodes: stripextension

When used on a text node that has been linked to an image node node via Linknodes, the file name appearing in the image node will be listed without the file extension.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned


newlines Attribute

This attribute can prevent users from creating multiple text lines where a single line is desired.  Adding newlines set to false will force just single line entry into the node; coupled with the characterlimit attribute can allow you to control the amount of text each node receives for better rendering.


Change to autorotate Attribute

The autorotate attribute in Template Tool, when set to true, will activate the Autorotate button on the pro toolbar.  After being turned on, the button will remain selected until it is manually de-selected or a product with a false flag is chosen. 



addenabled Attribute

Be sure to add the addenabled attribute on multi-image proof sheets (set to true) and informational/advertisement products used as the first template in a group (set to false).  For the proof sheets it will allow customers to add the item to an order with empty nodes (whereas before they had to hold the ALT or OPT key to Add with Empty).  For the informational items it will prevent the item from being added and causing an error upon receipt at the lab. 


Use tooltips on products 

If you want to be able to convey additional information about a product to studios, try adding an attribute of tooltip to the item and enter text you want them to see pop-up when they mouse over the product in the Sizes palette.  This could be used to add reminders to look at mounting, sprays and other upsell options, to inform customers if an item is Pager editable, or available quantity discounts.


Image Names Can Be Linked Into Text Nodes

You can use Linknodes in a composite product to create a text entry of an image name into a text node upon adding the image to the matching image node.  For example, a 6 up proof sheet starting with node id/u_id of 10000 for the first image node and node id/u_id of 10006 as the first text node you would add Linknodes to the product for each pair of nodes to connect and enter the u_id's as 10000,10006 in the field provided.  If the nodes do not have u_id's, simply highlight all of the nodes in the product, then right-click and select Copy node id to u_id.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned


Linknodes update: Linking text nodes 

You can use Linknodes to duplicate text entered in one node to another text node(s).  This can be handy for trader cards where a player name, team or year may be entered more than once, especially when displaying the front and back of the card as one item via a DP2 Package.  Remember when using Linknodes that all nodes in the product must have u_id's assigned