May 11, 2009
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- RUG 2009
- Client Update
- Books Release
- New Client Attributes
- ROES Servers   

  May 2009 ROES Updates 

ROES User Group (RUG) Meeting 2009 - June 1516, 2009, Rochester, NY
This year's RUG Meeting will be Monday and Tuesday, June 15-16, in Rochester.  The sessions will occur at the Radisson Hotel Rochester Riverside (formerly the Clarion), the same location as last year.  The room rates are $99 per nightThe Radisson's phone number is (585) 546-6400, after connecting to Reservations be sure to ask for the ROES Users Group block of rooms.  The Radisson is connected to the Rochester Hyatt via skywalk.  Anyone attending the Kodak workshop can add nights to the front of your Hyatt reservation and walk over via the bridge The hotel's web site is
Please reply to this email and advise us who will be attending from your lab.  The sessions Monday will begin at 12:30PM ET and end 6PM, Tuesday will begin with breakfast at 7:30AM and run to 6PM.
ROES Client Update Available
A new ROES Client is available for live use for books with vertical flipping and other changes.  New basic attributes and features:
New Attribute cropbackground - The color in the ROES Client crop area can be changed to better synch with your layoutimages using the cropbackground attribute.  This is ideal for items like canvas overlays to have a smooth transition appearance (such as blocking out corners on canvas wrap items) to the rest of the crop area.  The value entry is similar to the monochrome attribute, using 3 comma separated values for RGB display.  The current background color is 195,195,195, so you can alter it to another color by using different values
New Attribute layoutimagestretched - This attribute can be set to false to not stretch the layoutimage to match the aspect of the template when shown in the ROES Client, such as canvas overlay graphics.
New Attribute displayinset - This attribute can be set to a decimal value below 1 to reduce the space used by a template in the crop area of the ROES Client.  This can be useful to display frame images around prints or add informational images onto templates using an extra oversized node with a negative x and y value.
Add to Order button - All templates when selected will have the Add to Order button enabled, unless addenabled is set to false on the template.  If the customer clicks to add the item, a dialog window will pop up informing them that there are empty image nodes in the product and asking them if they are sure they want to add it as is.  If the template has addenabled set to true already, there will be no dialog warning.  This update eliminates the need for the holding of the ALT/OPT keys down when the Add to Order button was dimmed and the button tooltip was often missed.
ROES Pro Client Options buttons - The behavior of the Options button in the main Pro Client pane and in Order Review now opens as the Options Palette looks, but anchored to the button.  This replaces the exploding menu look which would not scroll if the length of the options menu was higher than screen height and allows for better usage of the combobox attribute of options that would normally take up a lot of real estate in the list, such as font or stroke color choice sets.  Image Options for your retouching services will appear as a tab in the new appearance, not as an submenus at the top of the template option list (again mirroring the behavior of the palette).  In Order Review, when the Options button is clicked it will expand the order item's area a bit and show the scrollable options with tabs for the Product and Image Options as in the floating palette.
Books related attributes and features:
addpagepaircount - When set at the book level defines how many pages are added upon clicking to add a page.  1 is the default, this can be set to 2 if 4 pages are needed each add or 0 if no pages should be added at all (as an extra precaution for locked/pre-set size books).
pb_dp2_produce - When set at the book/section level informs the ROES DP2 Server to not create the book or section, and should exist on all Color Centric books (or for inside cover areas or hard covers that you do not produce through DP2).
pb_produce - When set at the section level informs the ROES DP2 Server and the ROES Stand Alone Server to not create the section, like for inside cover areas or hard covers that you do not produce.

sectionimageback - This attribute should be set to a web URL to an image to display for back of a coversection.

sectionimageboundsback - This attribute allows for extending the section image bounds to extend beyond the bounds of the back of the book templates/master bounds.  Use negative x and y.

sectionimageboundsfront - This attribute allows for extending the section image bounds to extend beyond the bounds of the front of the book templates/master bounds.  Use negative x and y. 

sectionimagefront - This attribute should be set to a web URL to an image to display for front of a coversection.

verticalflip - When set at the book level this attribute will cause the flipping of the book to be up and down instead of side to side.
Autosave of Book - If a book is being built in the crop area, if the customer exits the program, upon restarts and open of Autosave the application will return to the book in process and open the catalog it came from.  Partially built books do not need to be added to the order to retain them.
ROES Servers
ROES DP2 Server - The latest ROES DP2 Server, 1.036, can be accessed via
ROES Stand Alone Server - The latest ROES Stand Alone Server includes new 'printers' for Books (including special  PIC Pro, ZBE Workstream, and output to local Desktop printers such as Windows printers.  We plan to update everyone to this version before the end of May.
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