September 23, 2009
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- ROES Client Update
- Mac OS X Snow Leopard
- Support Notes
- Books Updates
- New Attributes

 September 2009 ROES Update
New ROES Client

ROES Client Update - Faster Startup, Uses Less Memory, Books Improvements
We are preparing to release an updated ROES Client that will be locked down for feature additions for the busy season.  A number of labs are using this new version for books production, and we will be placing it out in wide release on Wednesday, September 30th.  Any upcoming new features or functions will be available as optional releases during the fall.  The list of new features, functions and changes can be found at
The most important change, as we discussed at the RUG Meeting, is dropping support for Java 1.4 - this will mean Apple systems with OS X 10.3.9 will not run the new version.  Java 1.6 will be the new default Java version offered for installation with ROES, Windows and Mac systems with Java 1.5 will run as before (Vista still requires 1.6).  Any customers running Java 1.4 in Windows should update to Java 6 update 7 (, use JRE Download link).
OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
The new Apple OS edition seems to be very stable and is running ROES just fine on a newly installed system as well as an upgrade from 10.5.8.  After the upgrade the existing desktop shortcuts executed as expected.  Please note that only Apple systems with Intel hardware can run Snow Leopard, Apple is not supporting the PowerPC platform in 10.6
Support Updates/Notes
Please read the updated technical note for the Apple OS X 10.5 users at  We continue to get daily reports of this issue, so feel free to copy the details to your own support docs online.
OS X 10.4 systems are experiencing startup issues with the newer ROES versions due to Java 1.5 not being set as the preferred Java on the system (though it is installed).  A technical note is posted on the Support page of our site at  Updating to 10.6 would be a good idea for anyone with 10.4 to avoid any of these type of issues.
Books Updates
Books mode in ROES has improved button controls and page number/label display.  The new buttons, starting from far left, are:
Minus sign: Remove the current page pair
Plus sign with left arrow: Add a page pair to the left of the current page
Left arrow: Flip page to go to the left (towards the cover)
Page Numbers: The page numbers/labels centered between the controls
Right arrow: Flip page to go to the right
Plus sign with right arrow: Add a page to the right of the current page
Undo arrow at far right:  Reset the book - a dialog will appear and offer choices to remove all images and text (but leave the selected pages intact), or remove all pages and completely reset the book
New Attributes:
pb_dp2_unbook - books to come in and not be treated as a book in DP2, just appearing as regular items and not populating DP2 book tables.  Qty of each item will still be determined by the book qty.
pagermovable - Use false only; Allows Pager decorative functions like shadow, stroke, fill, etc. while not allowing node movement or re-sizing.
pagerdecoratable - Use false only; Allows Pager node movement or re-sizing while not allowing decorative functions like shadow, stroke, fill, etc.
lockpage - Use true only; Allows a pre-set book page to be locked into the slot in the section, such as a calendar month image.
verticaltext - Use true only; Allows text to be displayed vertically in a text node in ROES.
Catalog protection for user specific template groups
Customer specific template groups (Customers added with the url attribute deleted and template group, potentially with sub-groups, added off the Customer) will now be restricted to a single catalog.  Previously these showed in all catalogs, which was not desirable.  Customers added in the templates files that have template groups off of them should be moved inside of catalogs now.  Customers using a separate templates file via the url attribute on the Customer should remain off the root of the default templates file. 
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