Privacy Policy

We collect information from you in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to be able to fulfill your order.

When you navigate our app, we may gather general information such your IP address, Internet service provider, and so forth. This is general use information that does not intrinsically contain personal information.

To use either the ROES Desktop or Mobile App we will need access to your images, either on the device or from within your Facebook account. No other data is stored other than the access to your images for ordering.

To complete your purchase, ROES Applications and Apps collects information about your credit card through a secure SSL connection during the checkout process. This information is transmitted to our secure payment gateway. Your credit card information is not stored on SoftWorks Systems, Inc. servers once the checkout process is complete.

SoftWorks Systems, Inc. will not rent, sell, or distribute any information relating to you to third parties.

SoftWorks Systems, Inc. reserves the right to change this privacy statement without notice but will use any information in accordance with the privacy statement under which the information was collected.