ROES Mobile (not just for iPad Anymore!)

ROES Mobile is the coolest way for your customers to order prints and products from your lab. Get your own Lab Branded iPhone and iPad app (Android coming soon!).

It's a prefect marriage of all the coolness of the iOS platform and the all the industry knowledge that the ROES team brings to the table. Your lab will continue to use all the ROES catalog building processes as normal and benefit from all the streamlined workflow ROES provides for the labs.

ROES Mobile will allow professional labs the ability to touch the ever growing smartphone market. Let's look at just some of numbers:

- For calendar year 2012, Android and iOS combined for 87.6% of the 722.4 million smartphones shipped worldwide.

- The number of smartphones in use globally crossed 1 billion for the first time in the third quarter and will double by 2015.

- Nielsen: Smartphones Used By 50.4% Of U.S. Consumers

- InfoTrends: consumers are still printing photos, as nearly 73% of participants say that they print photos at least occasionally.

See more features about our App Below:

ROES Mobile ROES Mobile