Core ROES System

The Core ROES System provides the code capabilities that enable your lab to recap the benefits of an easy-to-use automated system. This includes Branded ROES Client with unlimited distribution; ROES Server Software and All Available Updates and Support.

Your customers simply choose a folder of images and start selecting from the lab’s products in which to put them. When your customers has completed their order they can transmit it immediately from within the ROES Client via FTP, set it transmit at a later scheduled time, or save the file to disk for burning to CD or DVD. All order files are encrypted by the ROES Client and can only be opened by your ROES Server.

The Core ROES System includes Multinode products capability to enable your professional photographers to order products such as Memory Mates and Composites. Multinode also enables your customers to order products with editable text fields like trading cards and greeting cards. Just starting with ROES? The Core ROES System is all you need to get started.

If you would like to see and use ROES in a demo mode, please click here.