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ROES Client Hot Issues
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Unable to launch ROES on OS X

This issue began in January with Apple restricting Java application use, and continues to evolve. As of 4/15/13, the most common issue currently is with 10.8.3 Mountain Lion, where nothing seems to happen when the ROES startup is attempted in Safari. First, be sure Java is listed under System Preferences (if not, go to, to get Java, download the .dmg package, unpack it and run the Java installer). While Firefox is a better browser option for starting Java applications, if using Safari when in the ROES index page right-click or CTRL-click on the Direct Launch link and choose Download Linked File As from the menu. Save the launch.jnlp file to Documents, then open Finder and select Documents. Double clicking on the launch.jnlp should start ROES.

AVG Issue: The ROES download starts but the progress bar stalls downloading/verifying application

If after a fresh start of ROES (including after cleaning the Java Cache for the Unsigned Resource issue above), the download may stall when trying to go back out to the web for verification of the signed program files. This is being caused by AVG's security application, specifically the Link Scanner module. Disabling the Link Scanner (unchecking the boxes that enable it) allows the fresh start to finish and launch properly. The latest AVG 2012 guide can be found here.

The ROES Client will not send my order to the lab

The most current send issue is with FTP and Java 7. Java changed their FTP calls in version 7, and in Windows, due to a bug in the operating system (specifically Windows Firewall), FTP fails. Many labs have changed to a new transmission method ROES offers, however most are still using the usually reliable FTP. The easiest fix may be to remove Java 7 and install Java 6, which can be obtained here. The other fix is to turn off the problem issue in Windows Firewall, which can be done via the following steps:

Click Start in Win 7/Vista, then choose All Programs, Accessories, and right-click on Command Prompt.
Choose Run as Administrator in the list and the black command window will open. At the prompt type:

netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFTP disable

and press Enter. An 'OK' should appear below it and bounce back to a prompt. Then type


and press Enter to formally quit the window. After that ROES orders should send OK via FTP. The command simply turns off a check in Windows Firewall that is causing the issue. The Java bug report can be seen here.